Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (M-Tech) is an innovative research and educational environment at Aalborg University. The mission of the department is to create knowledge about mechanical and manufacturing engineering within the areas of industrial production and mechanical systems and transfer this knowledge to graduates, society, consumers and businesses. Knowledge building is based on strategic and application-oriented research with a generic character.

The profile of Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

The research and teaching of the department is oriented towards production conditions in the private and public sector and contain elements such as production, materials science, logistics, IT, organisation, product development, automation, mechanics and management.

The profile of the department is highly interdisciplinary. The fields of work give many opportunities for collaborating with the surrounding world. This also affects the research that often is carried out in collaboration with companies on an international standard.

Physical surroundings at M-Tech

The department has the disposal of several laboratories with modern equipment within the areas of cutting operations, welding, computer integrated manufacturing, plastics, testing and characterisation of materials, including polymers, metal, ceramics and microcellular and much more.




Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Fibigerstræde 16
DK-9220 Aalborg Ø
Fax: 45 9940 7110 - EAN: 5798 000 420755

Head of Department

Martin Heide Jørgensen
Phone: 45 9940 3005

Head of Secretariat

Jette Marie Christensen
Phone: 45 9940 9301