Non-metallic Materials

The laboratory has equipment for examination of glass and silicate melts, including 1650oC rotations rheometer; Physica Rheolab Mc 1, fibre pulling equipment and high temperature ovens for homogenisation of materials (op to 1550oC) and annealing, capillary rheometer 1500oC. Extrusion, ultrasound welding and vacuum equipment and a 100 kN injection moulder with two worm shafts. A Ferromatik Milacron 110 ton with five different rheometers and equipment for mono sandwich construction, push-pull and two-component material and colour. Par-Physica MCR-500 oscillatory rheometer, Cambridge cryo-rheometer optical stage (N2) capillary rheometer, FT-IR spectroscopy with ATR, Netzsch DSC/TGA up to 1500oC, Netzsch Dilatometer (up to 1500oC).

Chemistry lab with transmission and reflection microscope with Image Pro 4.1 picture analysis software and camera, Leica stereo microscope, Leica rotation microtome.