Joint research projects with Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is one of the most used types of collaboration. The projects are outlined by both researchers and the company in question to ensure that all needs are met. A joint research project can take many forms and involve from one to many researchers. Therefore, the budget of a project can range from almost nothing to several millions.

A joint research project gives the company the opportunity to put a scientific focal point on production, systems and much more.

The company's role in the collaboration with M-Tech

The company takes part in defining the content of the project and the funding of the project can be shared. In this way, the company has the opportunity to follow the scientific work closely and knowledge transfer will occur continually.

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Focus Areas for M-Tech

The focus areas of the department have an extensive expanse:

You can read more about each focus area by clicking on the link. You are of course welcome to contact the department, if you have any questions, proposals for projects or have other interests in collaboration.