There is a crack in everything...that’s how the light gets in.

Last modified: 16.09.2015

International Ph.D. course in fracture mechanics of laminated composite structures gathered researchers from 11 countries. 

At 5 sunny days in week 21 in May the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering hosted an International Ph.D. course in fracture mechanics of laminated composite structures. The enrolled participants were during the week introduced and trained in different analytical, numerical, and experimental methods for the prediction of crack initiation and propagation in laminated composite structures.



Fracture mechanics of laminated composites is a subject and research topic that is in a tremendous progress why it is difficult to find good teaching books that cover the field in a comprehensive way. State-of-the-art of the topic is very much limited to research papers which do not provide an easy and coherent access to the material.

“What we have strived for with this course is to close the gap between theory, analytical and numerical methods, and experimental work. Focus, is normally put either on the numerical, the theory, or the experimental part alone. In this course we wanted to combine all fields since we believe that a solid background in all areas is required in order to master such a complicated field as this. We have furthermore designed the course with many exercises and laboratory work in order to make the participants operational within the different topics.”, tells the course coordinator Associate Professor Esben Lindgaard, which together with his co-organisers Associate Professor Jens Henrik Andreasen and Postdoc. Brian Bak lecturers the course together with invited external lecturers Professor Bent F. Sørensen from DTU Wind Energy, Associate Professor Albert Turon Travesa from University of Girona in Spain, Professor Henrik Myhre Jensen from Aarhus University, and finally Chief Engineer Casper Kildegaard from LM Wind Power. 


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