About Biomechanics

The biomechanics research group is based on the idea of applying deep competencies in computational mechanics to biological research. The group is the origin of the AnyBody Modeling System and its associated library of musculoskeletal models and the group continues to conduct basic research into biomechanical simulation methods. The group also applies these methods to a wide variety of fields, such as orthopedics, industrial design, ergonomics, sports and occupational health.


Ergonomics and biomechanics are subjects of major socio-economic importance. The cost of musculo-skeletal injuries is rapidly increasing at the same time as the fundamental understanding of the mechanical function of the body leaves many open questions. Presently, the number of injuries caused by excessive use of computer mice is exploding, and yet the actual causes of many of these injuries remain a mystery, and it is therefore difficult to issue guidelines that will reduce the problems.

Research in human locomotion is to a large extent of an observing and experimental nature, but it is now widely accepted that a basic understanding cannot be obtained from experiments alone.

One of the best opportunities to further our basic understanding of the body's mechanical function is to create and verify mechanical models and then perform detailed studies of the behavior of these models. This requires mechanical, mathematical, and numerical expertise.

An attractive quality of such models is that they are equally well-suited to further the fundamental understanding of the body's function and to solve practical ergonomic problems. Typical examples of the latter are analysis and optimization of tools and workplaces and the design of sports equipment and hand tools for maximum efficiency.


The strategy of the AnyBody Research Group is to create revolutionary science by combining our expertise of biomechanical simulation methods with external partners’ vertical domain expertise in various application fields. The group continually hosts guests and we publish few papers that are not co-authored with external partners.

Our Work in Practice

Examples of our work comprise such diverse fields as of motion capture, the spine, cruciate ligament injuries, hip joint prostheses, badminton rackets, pressure ulcers, seating comfort, ankle injuries, bicycle design and fitting, posture and motion prediction, fracture fixation, the knee, wheelchair propulsion, cell biology, surgical planning, functional electric stimulation, paraplegic mobility, muscle recruitment and the human mandible.

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