1. It is the obligation of any person, working in the laboratory areas, to actively seek sufficient knowledge and training in order to function safely in the given laboratory area.
  2. Any person working in, or otherwise occupying the designated laboratory areas, must be approved through passing an appropriate laboratory safety course. In the case of specific visitors (external contractors, visiting researchers etc., performing specific tasks), these may be allowed to occupy specific laboratory areas after receiving an appropriate briefing concerning specific safety issues for said laboratory area.

    In either case, minimum requirements are:
    - Appropriate training/instruction for safe operation of the specific workstation
    -  Instruction in location and use of emergency equipment (eye-rinsing bottles, fire extinguishers,    emergency phone number, shower)
    - Briefing regarding other hazards in the specific laboratory
  3. Other visitors in the laboratory areas must, in the general case, be accompanied by an approved employee.
  4. Any person working in the laboratory areas must at all times display their identification card (employee card, student card or visitor card). Visitor cards are issued by the department secretariats. A visitor card is a neccesary, but not sufficient, prerequisite for working in the laboratory areas.
  5. Any person working on laboratory equipment or laboratory procedures in a laboratory area must have obtained a workplace permit (ArbejdsPladsTilladelse).
  6. Workplace permits (WPP) may be:
    - temporary (for students, visiting researchers)
    - permanent (for staff, permanent external contractors)
    - general (for a lab area)
    - specific (for a specific workstation / given specific workstations in a lab area)
  7. Workplace permits must be displayed prominently at the specific work station or, in the case of a general permit, in the specific laboratory area.
  8. Work place assessments (ArbejdsPladsVurdering) for a laboratory area must be displayed prominently in said laboratory.
  9. Outside normal working hours (typically 8.00 – 15.30), any person occupying the building must enter a late book entry. The late book is located at the laboratory main entrance.
  10. Any directions concerning safety, issued by the designated laboratory technicians, must be followed immediately.
  11. Failure to comply with the above rules will lead to temporary or permanent expelling from the laboratory area.
  12. Further restrictions and rules will apply to the specific laboratory areas (as, where and when needed).
  13. Students working in the laboratories

    Student´s (bachelor, master, Ph.D.) work place permits are, as a rule, temporary and specific. A student WPP must encompass
    1. A brief description of the workplace and equipment/tools applied
    2. A risk assessment for the work involved
    3. A description of appropriate procedures and safety equipment
    4. Personal (responsibility) insurance against damage to people and equipment (for Ph.D.-students, this applies in case Aalborg University or a collaboration industry partner is not the employer). Personal responsibility applies in case equipment is used irresponsibly (counter to the intended purpose) or if specific procedures are intentionally ignored.

    Supervisors and students are expected to treat this documentation as a part of the learning goals of the semester.

    The supervisors responsibilities in this respect are:
    1. To ensure competent instruction of, the students in the use of specific equipment associated with the laboratory work.
    2. To ensure that the students have completed the WPP according to the above description.

    3. To ensure an appropriate level of supervision, typically through personal supervision or through supervision by the designated laboratory technicians.
    4. To undertake personal supervision in the case of laboratory work at an elevated level of implicit risk.

    5. To ensure that the required laboratory work can be completed during normal working hours (typically 8.00 – 15.30 for the designated laboratory technicians).
    6. To obtain final approval by the Laboratory Coordinator.

If, for some reason, it is necessary to work outside normal working hours, a plan for work surveillance must be approved by the Department Head or the Deputy Head of Infrastructure.


Work Place Permit (WPP)

The WPP is a condition for working at the department laboratories, including workshops. All students, visitors and employees are required to fill in the work place permit. Permission is granted by the supervisor (for students) or by the superior (Head of Department for employees and professional visitors).